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Things I’m missing in San Francisco right now; mexican food, jersey shopping, and Joe Brook’s eS shoe release party

If you ever met Joe Brook then you know the Breezy Files can pop off at a moments notice. He’s got a new baby boy, the shoe on eS, and a mean bonelift.

Check out Joe talking about photography, fireworks, and the cops.

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Vans Go Skateboarding Day 2011

Believe it or not this was only my second ever Go Skateboarding Day event.

Kristy and Mitch at Vans Hong Kong did it right; every kid got a free shirt, burgers, pizza, sunglasses, and a bus that took everyone from Morrison Hill to Mei Foo.

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India with Oxelo Skateboards

I was on the fence about going to India on a skate trip this September. After seeing this today I’m ready to buy a ticket.

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Vans x 8Five2 Versa Mid commercial

The Vans Syndicate x 8Five2 shoe collaboration comes out tomorrow morning. You can read all about it here;

A few weeks ago Brian had an idea revolving around Chris, Piet, and Chunchai skating some well known HK spots in the Vans Syndicate x 8Five2 Versa Mid and approached me about making a commercial to coincide with the release of the shoe.

Unfortunately the shoe samples arrived late and we had less than a week to film and edit everything. Factor in a typhoon, the high bust factor at most HK skatespots, and the fact that I edit at turtle speed and it was a race to get this done. Thanks to Chris, Piet, and Chunchai for putting in the work, Brandon Ho for the beat, and Miklos Selva von Koszta-Rab for the motion graphics!

Stay tuned for a full length 8Five2 project coming this fall…

Hong Kong’s finest

Who farted?

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The view at Tony Starks Industries

A week editing in front of the computer, starting to hallucinate.


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Steady Tripping

I haven’t had a steady paycheck in over a year but somehow I’ve still managed to go to some amazing places. Thanks to everyone who has made this possible.

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Hong Kong 2011

We are back in Hong Kong!

I’m here with Toeda, TX, Casey Rigney, Denny Pham, and Cezar Gordo in Shenzhen, Macau, and HK all this month.

If you haven’t seen Casey’s new Arcade part then click the below link, Cappadonna approved!

Casey’s Arcade Promo 2011

Most of you might not know Denny Pham but after seeing his new Place part you’ll be saying “Oh Mein Gott!”

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This is a typical morning in Rio. New updates from Brazil coming soon.

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In memory of Mike Cardona

I saw a link on Quartersnacks today that took me back. I remember seeing these two little kids skating in New York around 1993. They were twins from Jersey, and I’m not sure if I first saw them skate the Banks or if it was at this contest in Staten Island when I very first started filming.

All I remember from that contest was KRS-One’s “Return of the Boom Bap” had just come out so the DJ played “I Can’t Wake Up” over and over again, Frank Gerwer broke his board during the contest and had to skate a new board with no griptape in the finals, Mike Cardona wore his hat cocked to the side, and Quim Cardona had this loose original style, so unlike anyone I had seen before.

I’m pretty sure Quim won that contest and I started filming with the twins every time I saw them around after that. The very first opener I ever had in 411 (issue #8) was a trick of Quim’s;

Nollie inward heel over the Banks wall opener

When 411 asked me to start working on articles instead of just sending them random tricks, the first thing I started to put together was Mike and Quim’s “Wheels” (though it could also have been Bobby Puleo’s, I’m not sure which really came first). Watching it today is pretty insane, first of all the filming is craze, but I’m struck by how proper Quim caught his flip tricks and how ill Mike’s style was. Their skating complemented each other, Quim being goofy and Mike regular. I think this was all filmed in three or four days around the Banks and their home in New Jersey and the interview was filmed in their bedroom with Teddy Powell. I can’t believe it was 16 years ago.

Mike and Quim “Wheels of Fortune”

Rest in peace Mike…

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Get kicked out of a spot? Some kid filmed a trick you been saving for your video part and put it on youtube? Got your griptape dirty?

I feel for you…

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