So I’m editing the L-R-G vid and then I see on facebook that my homey Kaspar is in town for the Omar shoe release party. I hit him up and we have dinner (thanks for the pizza buddy), he brought 2 young SB kids from Europe w him and I meet them for the first time.

One of them is Youness Amrani. Cool kid, big TX fan and fully backed by Kaspar so I know he’s legit even though I never actually see him skate, just eating pizza. Fast forward a couple months later and I get to see Youness skate, and then I realize Youness is pretty much the truth.

He killed Manny Mania in NY this year and he’s making a name for himself but you should really check out this Kingpin “10 trick” thing by clicking the link below.

What I like to see at a skatepark

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